CMP-Barker Ltd own a wide range of Specialist Piling Equipment which can also be offered for hire.

This includes;

  • ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs with Augers
  • Movax Side Grip Excavator Mounted Piling Rigs
  • 40 Tonne Lattice Jib Crawler Crane
  • Conventional Sheet Piling Equipment Frames and Gates
  • Range of Vibro Hammers and Power Packs
  • Range of Hydraulic Impact Hammers
  • Uniflote Pontoons
  • Excavator Mats

CMP-Barker have a range of Plant Hire Providers to further supplement their Fleet with the following Equipment used on a regular basis:

  • Kowan (Tosa) Stillworker Silent and Vibration-Free Piling Rigs
  • Giken Silent Piler including Supercrush
  • Hydropress Rig Attachment
  • Road Railers for Railway Track Access
  • Fambo Excavator Mounted Impact Hammer
  • Excavator Mounted Drills and Vibros (EMV)

CMP offer Movax Side-Grip Excavator based driving technologies to enable Sheet Piles be driven in efficiently and economically into granular soils and soft clays.

Movax Piling Rigs pick up piles by the two side grips and then vibrate the sheets into the ground using the powerful SP-60 or SP-75 vibrators and the crowd force generated by the 25t Excavator.

Advantages of the Movax SP-60/SP-75 Rigs

  • Can install piles as close as 400mm from an existing structure (subject to vibration limits)
  • Very High outputs for fast efficient pile driving
  • Operation completed at ground level therefore no requirement to set up piling gates or work at height , i.e. safer than conventional piling

CMP-Barker Ltd’s own Hitachi KH150 Hydraulic Crawler Crane with 31m Lattice Boom plus fly-jib operates between sites or when not required used as a Yard Crane at the Depot in Scunthorpe.

CMP-Barker Ltd have a range of Steel Support Frames and Piling Gates or Kelly Blocks for use with conventional piling via a Crawler Crane when access for Piling Rigs are not available, for example up an embankment or over water where Pontoons or Barges are not appropriate.
CMP-Barker have a range Vibro and Hydraulic Hammers that can be installed using this method.

The Silent Piler provides a virtually Noise and Vibration Free means of installing and extracting sheet piles. The Kowan (Tosa) Stillworker or Giken Silent Piler walks along the tops of the piles and offers potentially easy access to areas that might have otherwise been difficult to work in.

It is now possible to install sheet piles immediately alongside existing buildings without the worry of disturbing any neighbours. It is also possible to install corners, gradual curves and go up or down gradual slopes.